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Services Offered

Based on her tremendous success in winning grants and delivering  pioneering research programs and publications in this field, Dr Charulatha Mani offers lectures, lullaby workshops & training sessions as well as research design & evaluation services. Applicable to those undertaking engagement and research in lullaby singing and creation, cultural safety in and culturally responsive approaches to perinatal health/wellbeing and cross-sectoral community engagement.

Workshops and Training Sessions

Tailor-made workshops and training programs to those working with mothers, healthcare professionals, and communities through the medium of lullabies. The following key points are addressed and can be further shaped to suit your needs:

  •  How to work with individuals and groups through a) lullabies from their cultures b) lullabies created anew by them c) songs in traditional languages?

  • How to incorporate cultural safety and cultural sensitivity in work involving lullabies and communities?

  • How to center women's health and perinatal experiences in lullaby work?

  • How to link to midwifery, community organisations, and wrap around support structures?

  • How to promote continued interest in singing to increase maternal and familial confidence, mother-infant bonding, and success in early childhood development?


Duration: 9 am to 3 pm (2 days, can be delivered as one-day intensive)

Follow-up: Online (every three months or as needed, included in fee for the first 6 months)

Venue: To be booked by client

Fee: USD 3000


Research and Evaluation Design Module

This course offers evidence-based approaches to designing research and evaluation of lullaby programs. Are you looking to demonstrate success through your project? Are you ready to reach a bigger and more influential audience? Do you wish to attract more funding to grow your program? If yes, then is the perfect module for you!

The following key points are addressed and can be tailored to suit your needs further:

  • How to design research in lullaby programs?

  • How to evaluate research in lullaby programs?

  • What kind of data is involved?

  • How can you tell a compelling story through the data?

  • How can you represent facts and stories to funders to get assured engagement?


Duration: On-site 9 - 3 pm (2 days)

Follow-up: Online, 1:1 project specific consultations available (included in fee for the first 6 months)

Venue: To be booked by client

Fee: USD 4000

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